Bobtail / Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

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Bobtail / Non-Trucking Liability Insurance

March 6, 2017’s trucking and transportation insurance is the best in the industry. Regardless of the type of trucking insurance required, offers the best rates and incomparable service for all of your insurance needs. caters to all types of trucking and transportation companies, even those that are considered risky by other insurance providers. Tickets and accidents are no problem, we’ve seen it all; and we look forward to providing your company with the best quality and most affordable insurance your money can buy.

Whether you live or work in our local service area, or if you wish to become a part of our national insurance network; we look forward to doing business with you!

Imagine for a moment that you are driving your truck during hours that you are off the clock from your dispatch position. During your drive, you happen to get into an accident. Obviously this accident will not be covered by your insurance provided by the trucking company, or that covers you when you are driving to and from one of your various jobs. Bobtail insurance can protect you in scenarios such as this. If other drivers and passengers are injured, or a vehicle involved in the accident is damaged, Bobtail insurance will pay for repairs of other involved vehicles and medical bills of the other parties involved.

Having bobtail insurance is a smart move for any trucker. Though these insurance policies do not cover you when you are hauling a loaded trailer, they will cover when you are driving your truck off the clock.

Competitive Rates

Bobtail insurance policies from medical bills of the other parties involved are priced with competitive rates that can’t be compared by other area insurance companies. These limited liability insurance policies are an asset to owner-operators, as they protect the driver in the case of an accident when they are not on dispatch, and not pulling a loaded trailer.

Just as many truckers are concerned about their liability and their insurance coverage when they are on the job, many carry the concerns over to when they are driving their truck back home after completing a job. If you need Bobtail coverage or non-trucking liability insurance, we at can help you get the coverage you need.

The Best In The Industry

At, you are more than just another policy number; you are a valued customer. Whether you specialize in local or long distance trucking, we have policies that will work for you. No matter what your company specializes in, we can ship it. Fill out our easy to complete Free Quote form today to see how we can provide you and your company with affordable bobtail insurance or other trucking policies for cargo, physical damage; even workers compensation. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you and make your time on the road even safer than before.

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