Challenges Faced By Truck Drivers

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Challenges Faced By Truck Drivers [2018]

August 4, 2018

The trucking industry is considered to be highly lucrative due to the job security. There is a high demand for truck drivers, and the job is believed to come with a stable income. However, it is wise to ask, what are the challenges faced by truck drivers? Just like any other career, truck driving also has its problems. Before you sign up to be a truck driver, ask yourself, what do truck drivers understand that most people don’t? When you answer this question, you will know whether or not you can handle the challenges that come with truck driving. The following are some of the struggles truck drivers face on the road and in their personal lives.

1. Long Working Hours

The biggest challenge truck drivers face the long working hours they have to endure. Freight usually needs to be transported over long distances. Drivers also have to suffer through the severe road conditions to ensure safe arrival of whatever they are carrying. There are no legislative rules that dictate how long a truck driver should be on the road. For this reason, they are almost always working overtime with no compensation.

There are many risks you have to wade through as a truck driver each time you are on the road. Road accidents involving truck drivers are rampant because sometimes they have to break traffic rules to ensure the package they are transporting arrives on time. Death is always looming as overtaking traffic around sharp corners is extremely risky. Even if as a truck driver you observe all traffic rules, there is still a driver breaking the rules.

You might ask yourself, what do truck drivers understand that most people don’t? One of them is that their annual salary does not take into account their long working hours and the risks they encounter every day on the roads. Even though truck driving has undisputable job security, truck drivers get paid less considering the long hours they spend on the way.

2. Health Issues and Healthcare

Meals truck drivers eat while on shift are not healthy. Foods sold on highways are mostly junk and dessert. Foods high in sugar and calories cause truck drivers to be overweight and unhealthy. An excellent answer to the question, what are the problems faced by truck drivers? Is that they suffer poor health and insufficient healthcare. The foods they have access to do not provide their systems with all the nutrients required. Eating unhealthy meals before bed can be highly detrimental to a person’s health. The poor eating habits truck drivers adapt to have them leading a poor lifestyle and for this reason, suffering from health conditions is imminent.

Sometimes, they don’t get access to food or water, and they have to drive on an empty stomach. Starvation is dangerous for any driver as they can easily cause a road accident. Sitting for long hours without working out or exercising leads to very unfit truck drivers. Many of them suffer from obesity due to the calories they ingest every day.

As a truck driver, the time you are off duty is hardly enough for you to deal with your responsibilities, let alone find time to work out. In case a truck driver is suffering from a medical condition, they hardly get time to make a proper medical appointment. Most of them end up ignoring the symptoms only for them to get worse. Because of their lifestyle, they are at risk of suffering from;

• Diabetes
• Obesity
• Cardiovascular diseases
• Depression

Most truck drivers have emotional baggage because they hardly find time to spend with friends and family. Because of these challenges, you see that many truck drivers abandon this career because they are unable to balance between work and their personal life

3. Relationships

It is quite challenging for truck drivers to form meaningful relationships. They are always away for days at a time and hardly get time to catch up on what they missed. People close to truck drivers complain about them not being emotionally available. Those who have kids are merely part of their lives, and these kids grow up without the affection of one parent. Many sacrifices have to be made for a relationship with a truck driver to thrive. You find that the majority of drivers have to quite truck driving to save their relationships.

The trucking industry has seen a shortage of truck drivers as many drivers choose to abandon this career. There are many inconveniences truck drivers have to suffer through, and there is no compensation for any. As a truck driver, you have to be prepared to work long hours and get less pay.

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