How To Transport A Plane On A Tractor Trailer

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How To Transport A Plane On A Tractor Trailer

April 19, 2017

How To Transport A Plane On A Tractor Trailer

Flying a plane has made a lot of bucket lists. There is just something about being able to separate yourself from the ground and become one with the skies. It has become a lot easier to become a pilot as it is easier to find someone who offers flying lessons. The problem, however, is to find a plane nearby for an affordable price nearby. Some would-be pilots have headed to auction sites to find such a plane and a lot of pilots have found their plane. This has created its very own problems, especially when it comes to shipping the plane to the preferred airfield of the new owner’s choice. However, this may not be as big a problem as it could be with a little planning.

How to transport a plane on a tractor trailer is a relative simple situation, especially if the person has some mechanical skill. There are a number of ways of handling the situation, depending on the planning skills of the person. The simplest possible way is to just tie the plane down on the trailer, place chock blocks on the wheels, and then make sure that there are no low overpasses between the location where it was picked up and has to be delivered. While this requires the least mechanical talent, it requires mapping out a path that is as straight as possible, has almost no overpasses, and has as little traffic as possible. There are fortunately other options.

Another option requires a little more mechanical skill on both ends. The idea is to reduce the plane to a certain number of component parts and then ship those parts. The usual pattern is to remove the wings and possibly the wheel assemblies. This is safer for the plane on a number of levels, especially as the plane itself is easier to secure. Rather than relying on chock blocks to keep the plane from moving, it can be actually tied down. As the height overall has been cut down, this also helps plan routes for it to be delivered as there are fewer risks to watch out for. The only problem is making sure that is properly reassembled when it is finally delivered.

Obviously there are some potential problems. In some situations the wings and wheel assemblies have not just been bolted on but have been actually welded to the structure. For the wheel assemblies this not necessarily an issue as it can be easily kept in place. On the other hand, having the wings sticking out makes it a “wide load” and the route must be thoroughly planned. While you may be entertaining ideas that you can place the plane at an angle, the size of the plane rarely facilitates that plan of action, so it is best to plan for the worst case scenario.

When you do plan ship to a plane, pay attention to the reputation of the person shipping it in order to make sure that the plane arrives in one piece, unless of course you have made other arrangements. Given the price of a plane, a little paranoia is not a bad thing, and anything that ensures that it arrives as ordered is well worth it. You want to be able to fly it, after all, and making sure that it is taken care of is the best way to guarantee that you will in the skies as quickly as possible.

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