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Bobtail Insurance Quotes – Coverage and Documentation

May 21, 2017

Although one may not realize it, the trucking and health care industries have a couple of things in common.  Both health care and over-the-road transportation are team-based processes, and for each to function smoothly one crucial aspect must be handled seriously: documentation.  From the first phone call about a load to the final invoice submission, accurate and thorough documentation is absolutely imperative, because in trucking for bobtail insurance – as with the health care industry – if its not written down, it didn’t happen.


Most in the industry are used to gathering the usual information to help determine what transportation will cost, such as the usual data points of commodity details, dimensions, weight and value.  However, many other pieces of information can prove beneficial, especially when it comes to overdimensional loads, such as whether the commodity is new or used, whether it needs weather protection and the desired speed of delivery.  If it’s a vehicle, is it operational?  If it’s an oddly-shaped item, are there photos available? bobtail insurance coverage
Are ramps necessary or will the origin/destination have loading docks?  Speaking of loading/unloading, will any assistance be needed or expected?  Are loading/unloading times dependent on crane appointments?  Obtaining as much information as possible in the beginning is the number one way to work towards a successful cargo move, as it will be this very information that shapes the project.


A common error that can occur early in the transportation process is not making all the information gathered above available to everyone: fellow dispatchers, the driver, and the customer themself.  Other dispatchers may wind up becoming involved with the project down the road due to absence/sickness of the original dispatcher, so sharing the project should help prevent confusion later.  The driver is the one who will actually be hauling the load, so he/she will definitely need every bit of information possible.  And don’t forget the customer: a quick email or fax summarizing the load info and other information is the perfect way to ensure everyone is on the same page, and also provides the customer with the opportunity to review their own data and ensure they haven’t made a mistake.


Most carriers utilize some type of faxed or email load confirmation sheets, which provides details about the job (origin, destination, contact info, etc.) and is where the carrier and/or customer is able to sign to make the job official.  This is the final chance to provide specific, written details that pertain to the move, as this is the page that receives the signatures that seal the deal.  Although important information may have been gathered in the initial steps (crane appointment times, required types of chains, whether tarping is needed), unless it is detailed on the load confirmation sheet it may be overlooked.  While specific details on the confirmation sheet may make it lengthy or otherwise appeared cluttered, it will be the last opportunity to have the required information appear in writing on the form that is actually signed by the carrier and/or customer.

Most loads are transported without problems, and such thorough documentation may only prove beneficial for audits or other historical reviews.  However, if the commodity suffers any damage during transit, or if the shipper or customer feel that something was performed inaccurately, such attention to detail will most certainly come in handy.  Copies of email strings, signed load confirmation sheets and any other documentation will aid in any steps related to cargo damage or insurance-related claims, both of which are topics recently discussed in their respective blog entries.

Accurate, detail-oriented and professional are three words that can describe both the successful health care and transportation provider.  As a result of its years of experience, Reliance Partners is well-versed in the necessary steps required to ensure safe and successful transport of your bobtail cargo, and definitely knows the importance of proper documentation.  Let the freight consultants at Reliance Partners provide you with a rate quote today by calling 1- 877.668.1704 or providing the relevant info about your project in the blue “Free Freight Quote” box.

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