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Flatbed Trucking Insurance

July 19, 2017

A flat bed truck is a truck which has no sides or roof and it is a great way of carrying loads because the lack of sides makes it easy for loading and unloading to take place with ease. Flatbed trucking is ideal for cargo that is not sensitive to weather effects and cargo which cannot fit in enclosed spaces. As a flatbed trucker, you will face a number of challenges as follows:

Securing the load:

Due to their lack of sides; flatbed trucks pose a great danger to anyone who passes near the load while the truck is moving. You will be responsible for making sure that the load is well secured to ensure that the cargo does not hit anyone causing injury or death.


Flatbed trucking involves the carrying of loads such as pipes which could fall onto the road causing harm to other motorists on the road and you will be held responsible for such incidents. Flatbed trucking insurance enables you to rest assured that you will be covered against any suits brought up against you as a result of such an accident. In a case where you are not carrying cargo, the truck can become too light and could jack-knife which can cause accidents. We will cover you against this as well.


Having your load open to the public eye catches people’s attention and the open nature of the truck also makes it easy for people to try and steal from you. Should they be successful in stealing cargo from the truck, we will cover you against the losses incurred.

Our covers include:

Liability: with flatbed trucking, cargo can easily shift from its position and end up hurting someone or damaging someone’s property in the process. We will cover you against the expenses that you would incur in such an event.

Physical damage: this refers to any damage that will come to your truck in the form of a collision with another car, a fire, theft or animals running onto the road and causing an accident. We also cover against theft of or damage to the equipment used in the fastening of cargo onto the truck.

Cargo insurance: cargo can get damaged during hauling, loading and unloading. Given the high value of some cargo, we will insure you to protect you from losses incurred from damage to the cargo. You are also free to apply for more coverage if you feel that the cargo is at a lot of risk.

Trailer interchange: this applies to you if you own the tractor but the flatbed trailers that you haul do not belong to you. We will cover you against any damage to your tractor that you are subject to as a result of the hauling.

Flatbed trucking is faced with a lot of challenges which include but are not limited to accidents, theft and damage to cargo. Flatbed trucking insurance protects you from having to take the hit in the occurrence of any such event and in this way, we protect your business.

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