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More About Trucking Liability Insurance

March 24, 2017

Trucking Liability Insurance

One of Reliance Partners products specially tailored to meet your needs is the trucking liability insurance coverage. Buying this coverage helps protect the client from damages to goods in transit or humans affected by truck accidents. This coverage therefore transfers risks arising from truck accidents to the company from the client. Thus the client can be rest assured that any man-made and natural disasters that damage the goods being transported in a truck will fully borne by the company.

A single unit of insurance coverage costs $750,000 as mandated by federal and state laws. It is therefore advisable for clients to purchase more than a single unit as most goods being transported are worth several millions of dollars. Purchasing more than one unit will completely transfer the burdens of transportation to the company.

However, we recommend that you consider purchasing higher limits as truck accidents can easily cause damages in the millions. Protect the assets that you worked so hard to build. At Reliance Partners we will advise you on all the available coverage and help you make an informed and educated decision regarding your specific commercial insurance needs.

Other insurance products on the stable of this company include cargo insurance, physical damage and collision coverage and bobtail insurance. Cargo insurance protects the transporter during any case of lost goods. While the physical damage and collision coverage is specially designed to take care of any eventualities resulting from damage of the trucks or any of its parts, thefts, vandalism and any natural disasters like earthquake that damages the truck. The bobtail coverage is for non-trucking liabilities. It takes care of any damages that arise when the truck is not conveying goods. Please see other sections to find out more.

With these numerous insurance products being offered by Reliance Partners, owners of truck and goods-in –transit can now be at ease. They can be assured that their years of hard work cannot go down the drain in one piece.

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