How to Get a Free Quote for Your Trucking Business

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How to Get a Free Quote for Your Trucking Business

January 24, 2017

Are you an entrepreneur who uses a commercial truck? Or, do you have trained and certified truck drivers who deliver freight across the country? Or, do you simply have truck drivers who make deliveries for you? If any of these situations apply to you, then you need to select the perfect insurance for your business. Contact a local independent agent who deals with commercial insurance. The agent will not only find you the best insurance policy for your business at a competitive rate, but also tackle every area of your business coverage, including commercial truck insurance, general liability, and property coverage.

Before you choose the type of cover needed for your truck, it is good to note these commercial truck risks:
• 70 percent of truck collisions report only property damage
• 22 percent of truck crashes result in injuries
• Nearly 130,000 people get injured yearly in truck accidents

Commercial Truck Insurance Coverage

Just like all the other car insurance policies, commercial truck policy comes with various types of coverage. Each cover is meant to offer protection to your business and personal assets from tragic losses. The insurance coverage you may need include:

Auto liability insurance– will cover you from risks arising from damage or injury to others in case of an accident caused by you or one of your drivers. In most cases, this insurance carries two components- liability against personal harm and liability against property damage. Auto liability insurance is mandatory in most states, but the minimum insurance value varies from one state to the other. Although it would be statutory satisfying to have minimum insurance, it is always advisable to invest a little bit more into the auto liability insurance to be able to meet the incidences without financial challenges.

Physical damage coverage- includes collision coverage and comprehensive insurance. Physical damage coverage will protect you against damages to your truck from a crash or any other incident.

Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage- will cater for damages and injuries if you or your driver gets in an accident with another driver who is at fault, but does not have enough coverage to cater for your injuries as well as property damage.

Truck cargo coverage- will pay for damages or theft of components being hauled by your truck.

Getting Commercial Truck Insurance Quotes

The truck insurance quote you get will depend on the type of the truck as well as its use. As such, it can be difficult to compare different quotes side-by-side, for the same types.
Luckily, there are independent agents who can help you compare quotes from several different insurers. Having an agent who takes his/her time to understand your concerns and assess your risks will save you time and money. The agent should be able to get several quotes that suit your truck insurance needs.

To get accurate quotes, it is important that your agent knows:
• The type of trucks you will be driving
• How many trucks your business has
• How the trucks will be used
• How far they will be driven and how often
• Whether your trucks will be transporting hazardous materials
• Whether they will be crossing state boundaries
• The details of drivers in your company including their driver’s license numbers and the kind of training or certification they have.

If you start your truck insurance quote online, you will have an idea of what rates to expect, but to ensure your business risks are well-managed; it is good to look for an agent.

How Much Will You Pay for your Commercial Truck Insurance?

How much you will pay for your commercial truck insurance will be determined by several factors including:

• The type of business
• Your vehicle
• Your geographic location
• Your driving radius
• The driving histories of your drivers
• The limits required

How to Save on your Truck Insurance

Truck insurance can be cheaper if you can be able to secure all the discounts available to you. These discounts can be in the form of loyalty bonuses, business volume discounts, and claim bonuses among others. The most common discounts include:

Business Experience Discount — This can help you save up to 4 percent on your policy. The business experience discount is available to those whose business has been in operation for over three years.

Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Discount — This can help you save up to 2 percent on your truck policy. It is available to those who own a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL).

In modern times, finding a truck insurance quote that meets your needs is easy. You can even prepare some questions for the insurer or the agent to answer to help you determine the type of insurance policy that best suits you. Other than finding a policy with enough coverage, ensure the commercial insurance quotes you consider have the deductibles and limits that meet your needs. An independent agent will help ensure that the policy you choose fits your business needs.

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