Workers Compensation Insurance

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Workers Compensation Insurance

June 8, 2018

The trucking industry, like its counterparts, is prone to several contingencies and, often, the brunt of it is borne by the drivers and workers of the company. The threat of fatal injury or loss of life looms over the truck drivers on a regular basis. In case of injury, there are medical expenses to be taken care of whereas the death of the driver might render his family incapacitated. Hence, there are several issues that the workers need to deal with.

Not only the workers, for the employers also this is a cause for concern. Accidents or mishaps not only cause loss of significant amount of money, time and effort but, in some cases, can even cause loss of human resource. Fortunately, there are ways, mainly opting for a Workers Compensation Insurance, to protect your drivers and extend similar benefits to other workers and office staff.

What is Workers Compensation Insurance?

Mandated by law in several places to protect interests of employees, a Workers Compensation Insurance plan offers numerous benefits; like benefits to drivers in case of industrial accidents or compensation policy for workers and office staff.

If your drivers are covered under the occupational accident plan of the worker’s compensation insurance then, in case of an accident the insurance benefits are directly paid to the driver; in case of death in an accident, the insurance money is extended to the deceased’s survivor or nominee. The insurance might also be able to cover for medical expenses and rehabilitation costs depending on the selected plan of insurance.

Not only drivers, even, workers and office staff of a trucking or manufacturing company can be covered under the workers’ compensation insurance and avail benefits in case of industrial accidents, occupational injuries or, even, occupational diseases, in some cases. Several similar insurance plans also cover for lost income or wages of employees which is a big relief to many.

How can Workers Compensation Insurance be enabled?

It is not very complicated to enable a Workers Compensation Insurance plan for a trucking company. There are options that make it easier, like, one can opt to have the insurance premium fee deducted directly from the contract fees or it can also be included with other expenses like leasing fees. This helps to remove complex administrative tasks from day to day operations and the employers can also be free of additional worries. Several other options are also available to facilitate easy assimilation of the insurance plan with any company.

Nowadays there are customized insurance plans available for trucking and manufacturing companies that take into account the fact that no two companies are ever the same, hence, their needs for insurance are also different. Different companies might want to focus more on different areas like industrial accidents, occupational injuries or others. Employers can, thus, see custom insurance plans to find the right plan that suits their fleet size, employee strength, and budget constraints.

How can workers claim workers compensation?

While insurance companies and employers are extending different sorts of coverage plans and benefits to the drivers and workers, there are certain things that need to be taken care of by the employee or their survivors; like –

  • Know Company Procedures of Reporting Injuries – The drivers and workers, especially ones working on long haul should know whom to contact in case of an accident or injury. They should also be aware of the procedures in place to file a report of the incident. The sooner an incident is reported, the faster things can work.
  • Provide all Required Documents – The insurance company would require certain documents like a doctor’s certificate, accident report or other mandated documents. The drivers (or workers) should be aware of things like these in advance and provide the same whenever required to facilitate the easy claim.
  • Maintain Communication with Coordinator – Maintaining communication with the coordinator in-charge of workers compensation is essential in facilitating faster claims and also helps the company in regulating control over the cost of a claim.

Most companies offer drivers and workers job roles in administrative tasks till the time their injuries are healed and they can get back on the road. This helps the employees in several apparent ways, like, earning money in a dignified manner, fewer worries and tension and more. Employees should be aware of such facilities as well as to use them when needed.

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