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Hauling Companies Insurance

April 21, 2018

Guys who are just starting their career as an OTR truck driver, particularly as an owner/operator, are often surprised to find out that the “freedom of the open road” comes with a lot of permits, regulations, and mandatory purchases that have to be dealt with before you can load your first sack of concrete on board. It’s also the reason why a lot of otherwise qualified drivers are content to roll for the company rather than going into business for themselves. It’s simply a lot easier to let someone else handle all the paperwork, even if it means taking a much smaller piece of the per-mile pie.

Yet many drivers have discovered that the security and peace of mind they hoped to achieve by working for one of the big outfits just isn’t there anymore. Loads are harder to come by, pay less than they used to, and now frequently come with unwelcome additional strings attached that you have to swallow if you want the job. With this rising tide of aggravation engulfing the trucking companies, many operators are now taking a second look at going into business, or back into the business, for themselves.

This is particularly true as a new generation of truckers is coming online who are much more familiar and comfortable with technology in the cab. By its very nature, technology tends to cut out the middleman and connect information directly to the end user. What this means in practice is that independents can now operate just like a large outfit but at a fraction of the administrative cost.

Of course, the regulatory jungle is still out there for everyone, but there is an increasing amount of good news for those contemplating the idea of becoming an independent driver. Whereas the insurance industry used to treat truckers like a gang of red-headed step-children, certain enlightened agents have seen the light. They now offer hauling companies insurance services that will cover all of a driver’s mandatory needs as well as providing for all of the optional financial service packages he may desire on top of the requisite ones.

Also, this doesn’t eliminate all that red tape but it does enable a driver to just concentrate on what’s in front of the windshield. Having an agent who understands all of the ins and outs of the trucking business means that you can purchase a policy and not worry about any unwelcome surprises cropping up at the next weigh station. You’re not going to be under-insured and you’re sure as heck not interested in being over-insured. Just like Goldilocks, a trucker-friendly agency is going to get you the one that is just right for your needs.

Combine easier-to-obtain insurance with the plethora of new trucking management software packages, as well as coast-to-coast Internet access, and you have a recipe for being able to handle your own little trucking enterprise on-the-fly without needing to pay for a costly back office support staff in order to keep an eye on all of those necessary but distracting parts of the whole enterprise.

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